Autistic Lady

I am Rys and I am an autistic adult woman in my 30s with an autistic child who was diagnosed at 5. My daughter’s teachers didn’t really believe me that she was on the spectrum because she didn’t meet the full male “stereotypes” but I am very glad that I went full speed ahead with my gut and reaching out to the pediatric neurologist.

My main goal here is to help spread awareness and resources for other autistic women and girls out there. The world is lonely enough without feeling like a you’re entirely broken because no one believes that autistic ladies actually exist.

An Open Letter to Bosses Everywhere

Dear Boss-Man/Lady/Person, I know that I can be “interesting” to work with. I won’t remember to ask you about how your kid is doing in school. Heck, it might take me a bit to remember that you even have kids. I won’t remember that you were out sick for a week and I should perform […]

A Return from Hiatus

So it would definitely be an understatement to say that it’s been a wee bit. Life has been pretty insane for me (and honestly, probably most people). We opted to send the little miss back to in-person school for first grade after a complete abysmal failure with online kindergarten and she wound up catching covid […]

Exiting “Quarantine”

I have been incredibly fortunate throughout this pandemic. I have had a job that was more than willing to let me work from home, the transition to working from home was pretty simple – I had already been working remotely two days a week prior to Covid. And, on top of that, I have been […]

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope

We all know this trope, right? And can agree that it’s tired, hopefully. If you’ve been living under a lovely rock for the last couple of decades, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is a girl who basically exists to help make sure that the male main character can continue to develop his character in better […]

Big Name is on the Spectrum

So, this week, we had some “shocking” news about how Elon Musk has Asperger’s. I mean, basically the entire internet assumed as much already, but the context in and of itself was pretty tragic. “Sorry that I’ve been a right ass, y’all, but it’s because I’m autistic”. Which, honestly, just seems like a fake apology. […]

The Characters that ‘Get Me’ Pt 1 – Temperance Brennan

Temperance Brennan is an interesting character, because, of course, like most characters of her era, she is never actually diagnosed with anything. Fans say she is autistic, the creator says that they chose not to diagnose her because they didn’t want any bad mojo to impact the show because of people’s prejudices, and that she […]

Perception and Intent

With (very late) respect to Autism Awareness month, and also with a lens cast on my own personal history, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on a sentence that I read on reddit quite recently. “I learned to take people at their intent rather than their words” The context was heartbreaking in and […]

Friendship Break-Ups can be so Rough

I recently had a situation with a friend unexpected blow up in my face and she basically told me that I was no longer welcome in her presence. The details aren’t particularly important in the context of this post, it’s pretty standard life stuff. Conversation (in text, of course, because it always is) on a […]

“Real Autism”

The title of this blog is a phrase I have now heard a few times from friends of mine who have been involved in education. At least one of them has been involved in educating autistic youth. The others mostly teaching mainstream or specials classes, so loosely involved in autistic education. This always gets brought […]

Quick Personal Update

I almost hesitated to even really write this. It seems kind of silly, overall. But, y’know, autism, and I struggle to see why it matters or why this is important to anyone. But January I started a new promotion which is basically my dream job and super, amazingly exciting. And also takes up mental energy […]


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