What is a Special Interest, Anyway?

A special interest is sorta like breathing.

Okay, well, not really. But you know, sorta. Honestly, I had a mom that pretty much let me roll with my crazy ability to focus on whatever I wanted because I never really stopped getting shit done (well… we’ll ignore the fact that my room was almost never clean as a kid and teen. Except for that, I got my school work done, okay…?). So, generally I was pretty much always allowed to pursue my special interests. I was never really held back from them.

But when you get lost in something, it’s like time has absolutely no meaning. There is literally nothing else that exists. Just the thing.

It’s kind of like when you first meet someone that you are super attracted to and are starting to fall for them. When all the chemicals are going wonky in your brain and you’ve got a dopamine fix and you think about them all the time and you want to talk to them all the time and see them all the time and eat, sleep, and drink them?

That, only, you know, not another human being. It’s black holes. Or maybe it’s that weird goopy stuff in the bottom of the ocean. Or angler fish. Or blacksmithing. Or… you get the picture.

So when you can’t spend time with your interest and you want to, it’s similar to when you’re crazy about someone and you are basically dying to go spend time with them. Your brain is burning. You’re checking your phone every 2.5 seconds to see if they texted you back yet. You can’t focus at work because you keep thinking about the next time you’re going to see them or the last time time you were together or maybe a joke you’re going to tell them later to try and make them laugh.

Its like lightning is going off in your brain because every single cell in your body wants to go do this other thing and you can’t because you know, sometimes we have to be responsible and do our jobs instead of learning everything there is to learn about how the Monarch butterfly actually completes its migration to Mexico.

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